First rental, get a 50% discount

For the first rental with Payless Express FIT & GO rental at participating FIT Auto service locations (Limited to 1 rental for the first time only)

Enter code "1STFNG50" for booking-car rental from 1 Dec 2021 - 31 May 2022


Terms of use of the promotion

• For hourly and daily rentals. up to 7 days

• Book more than 8 hours, the system will count as a daily booking.

• Promotion for Car-sharing service of Payless Express FIT & GO car rental only.

• Discount only the hourly charge. The distance package is not included, no maximum cap

• Reserve and use the car following the conditions set by the company.

• We reserve the right to change without prior notice.

• Booking cancellation conditions and refund policy as determined by the company.